KBI-104 A normal day for a massage therapist

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Suzu Matsuoka married a husband who absolutely loved her. Suzu Matsuoka had a desire to open her own beauty salon, and her husband and mother-in-law supported her wholeheartedly. On the first day of opening, Suzu Matsuoka received a call to make an appointment, but her husband was worried that inappropriate male customers would come. But because everyone around here is married, men don't pay attention to beauty, and the man who often digs through trash near her house will not have enough money to come to this place, causing Suzu Matsuoka's husband to also somewhat reassured. And what her husband was most worried about happened. That dirty, smelly man found out about Suzu Matsuoka's website and made an appointment with her. He was also extremely rude, taking off all his clothes and forcing her to massage while looking at his cock.

KBI-104 A normal day for a massage therapist

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