Fucking my neighbor's wife....

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Glamorous Desiree Dulce is getting ready for a date night with her successful and busy husband. After washing herself, she put on tights and an evening gown. Then comes the waiting. What she's about to find out is that her husband won't be able to do that. Again. This emotionless guy didn't even bother to tell her. Instead, he sent his personal assistant to deliver the bad news - Manuel Ferrara. Desiree is unhappy, but Manuel gets some good news: he has specific instructions from his boss to do whatever it takes to make his wife happy. When Manuel accidentally spills something, Desiree asks him to wash her feet with champagne. She asks him to complete increasingly strange and sexual tasks, until he finally has had enough. Manuel scolds Desiree for taking advantage of his meekness and dominating her, by first bending over and shockingly ripping her tights off. Even though he is dominating her, he still spends a lot of time worshiping her feet and stimulating her sensually.

Fucking my neighbor's wife....

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